A Girl, Her Gut, and a Blog

Danielle N. Salmon is a thirty year-young restaurant lover who happily lives and eats in Los Angeles, California. While she has a master’s degree in psychology and has worked for marketing agencies in business development and social media, she always valued what she learned but felt like she wasn’t working towards a passion. It wasn’t until she found herself spending the majority of her time in restaurants and telling people where to eat that she realized what she wanted to do. As a result she created Follow My Gut, a restaurant discovery blog that introduces people to new eateries — as well as some they may have forgotten.

With Follow My Gut, Danielle combines her education, work experience, and her greatest interest: stuffing her face with food. Through personal stories in each review, photography highlighting a restaurant and its dishes, branded graphics, contests, and active social media interaction, Follow My Gut interacts with people in ways most blogs do not.

In her free time Danielle tries to convince herself to go to the gym, but usually opts for ice cream and Sex and the City reruns instead.