Am I the only one who thinks National Donut Day should really be a federal holiday?

I know I may be a bit biased to food holidays because I like food and I equally like getting paid days off from work, but I think that’s fair. Eating donuts brings me the same happiness as opening presents on Christmas Day, which is why I think it’s completely justified that the day be a major holiday. Mail wouldn’t be delivered, Hallmark would make a special card, and in a few years there would be a dedicated parade that takes over KTLA for 24-hours (take that Rose Parade). Primo's #1While I know this may be a far stretch, a girl can dream. Until that dream becomes a reality, National Donut Day will suffice. Where did I go to get my pre-donut day fix? Primo’s Donuts in Los Angeles.

Last week I was invited to the shop to try a few of their donuts prior to National Donut Day happening tomorrow, June 3rd. My friend TJ and I got up early one morning and were eager to see what the shop had in their glass cases. Once we arrived, we got to the tiny store and met with the staff. The ladies were so sweet and nice when giving me donuts. To be honest, the Crypt Keeper could give me donuts and I’d walk away smiling with a box in hand like, “That old man was so sweet!” But all jokes aside, the ladies were very helpful. In the box, we were given a variety of traditional ring donuts including: vanilla, cherry, coconut, sprinkles, and glazed.

Primo's #6 Primo's #4 Primo's #3

Primo's #11

In between bites of the soft, melt-in-your-mouth donuts we saw the box had a few oddly shaped ones. One in particular was the Buttermilk ($1.25) specialty donut. That’s when Frank (pictured below), the master baker, sat down at a table across from us and let us know that it’s their most popular donut. As I bit into it and I tasted the glazed crust and buttery donut I could see why. While the buttermilk donut isn’t as soft as a traditional ring donut, the taste is much more richer making it more exciting!

Primo's #12Primo's #7Primo's #13

There was a moment when we ate the donuts that Frank could see pure satisfaction across our faces. It was here that I struck up a conversation and asked Frank how long he had worked with Primo’s. I figured he might mention a certain amount of years, but he was more specific than that. “My first day was on May 14, 1979 at 6:00am. I came from Yucatan, Mexico two weeks earlier”. How Primo's #14he remembered the very day he started was impressive! I can’t remember the day I started any job I’ve ever had let alone my first one, but he did. The way he spoke with excitement about his first days with Primo’s was the same way he talked about making the dounts and working with them today. From his story of coming from Mexico, learning from Primo’s, staying passionate about the store he loved, and growing his family in Los Angeles, you can feel his appreciation for a job that laid the foundation for a life he couldn’t have expected. It’s a story many people have who come into America. It’s about learning the language, culture, and way of life of another country while maintaining a strong hold on to the one you left, but never forgot. It was beautiful to hear it while eating the confections he made. I’m not sure if it was the sweet ladies in the shop, his story, or maybe my sugar levels increasing but the donut tasted delightful.

I may not be able to recall moments according to where they fall on a calendar like Frank, and that’s fine—we all can’t be brain super heroes. But one thing I do remember, and this might be the most important thing of all: tomorrow is June 3rd and that’s National Donut Day.

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  1. Kandja Sylla

    I agree with you, National Donut Day should be a federal day. Donuts is like a go-to feel-good food that I can pair with coffee, tea or juice. When I visit LA again, I’ll definitely go to Primo’s Donut and try the Buttermilk donut. Reading your post made want to leave my room and have some donuts!xx

    • Danielle N. Salmon
      Follow My Gut

      OMGut that’s the same feeling I get when I eat donuts–they pair so nicely with almost anything!!! When you come back this way, you definitely gotta check them out and a whole bunch of other places!! BTW seeing as it’s been a couple hours later I hope you got some donuts — notice that was plural =]


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