2017 had its share of ups and downs and was a busy year to say the least. From the inauguration of Donald Trump, hurricanes destroying cities and devastating lives, Prince Harry engaging Meghan Markle, and even the impregnation of three (well, two) of the Kardashians. Looking back on it all, each month had its share of events.

On a local level in Los Angeles, 2017 also saw the kick off of the highly anticipated FOOD BOWL by the Los Angeles Times. The month-long event held throughout May brought panel discussions, pop-up parties, dinners, and a five day food festival known as Night Market. I was lucky to get the chance to attend last year’s preview, talk to LA Times Deputy Food Editor Jenn Harris on her favorite food, interview Massimo Bottura on food waste, and more! It was enlightening to see the dynamics of food through the event and as FOOD BOWL came to a close, I was already eager to see if it would return for a second year.

Yesterday, I got that answer.

Yesterday, Otium in Downtown Los Angeles was the place of the announcement for the 2018 FOOD BOWL by the Los Angeles Times. Alongside food writers and publications, the newspaper’s food editors took center stage to unveil the event and details that would occur throughout the month.

In addition to Night Market, the second occurrence of FOOD BOWL will have its official launch party “Things in a Bowl” at Rossoblu with respected chefs creating all dishes in none other, than a bowl. The public event will also give way to Restaurant of the Year and the Gold Award. The month will continue with discussions, panels, and talks throughout Los Angeles all relating to food and food sustainability. Talks include a sit down with Jose Andres on the topic of how food can change the world, a discussion about food and the universe at UCLA, and the “godmother of Mexican cuisine”, Diana Kennedy, sharing insight on  her career and her upcoming documentary – “Nothing Fancy: Diana Kennedy”. Talks aside, FOOD BOWL events will continue with long-table dinners through Outstanding in the Field, food tours, LA Cocktail Week, a charity bake sale, a film festival designed by Jonathan Gold, and many more events.

In anticipation of all the events, we got to sample some of the food that may make an appearance throughout FOOD BOWL including cronut holes from 189 Dominique Ansel and a baja big eye tuna ceviche with truffle shavings from Rosaline. Both the cronut and the ceviche can easily be described in two words and with a hyphen: mouth-watering.

I highly encourage you to follow FOOD BOWL via their social media accounts to stay up to date on all their events. FOOD BOWL brings exciting and educational chats, movies, panels, dinners, and experiences that you shouldn’t miss. For more information on everything FOOD BOWL, visit them here.

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  1. Julianne

    189 looks incredible! And I love Otium too. Can’t wait for more from LA Food Bowl!


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