The day was coming to a close and it was time for us to have dinner. We spent so much time at the beach and wandering into new adventures that we were beyond ready to eat. While exploring the city and evading more stray dogs, we found ourselves on the strip of Patong scanning the restaurants. There was Hooters and a few lesser known bars with tourists (clearly) looking to buy girls for the night so those stops were a definite no. In between it all, we found an outdoor restaurant that looked exciting. It was Savoey Restaurant.

The restaurant was nice because it was completely open and best of all it was incased by fans. Even at this late of the evening it was still pretty warm. What made this restaurant stand out from others was the wide array of fish in ice case at the front of the entrance. That would later be the place where I would pick my fish for dinner.

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Once we got settled into our seats we ordered. Looking over the menu we could tell this place was fancier and more expensive than others we had eaten with before based on the prices. Since all the restaurants prior to this one were so cheap, we had extra cash for a splurge on this night. With that in mind, we all got variations of exotic dishes like pineapples but this time I wanted something eye catching and big!

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I ordered the Sea Bass (560 baht, $16) with lime juice and chili sauce and a side of steamed rice. Before the waiter took my order to the kitchen, I went to pick out which fish I wanted. A few glances to the left and a few glances to the right and then I saw the one I wanted! I pointed to it with a big goofy smile and returned to my table. It only took a few minutes of conversation with my cousins and our plates arrived. The bass came out beautifully! The lengthy fish extended over the edge of the deep plate it was delivered in, but it only added to the appeal of it all. Blanketing the bone-in fish were garlic halves, parsley leaves, and chili. After taking a few photos, I was beyond ready to enjoy this dish. I would love to say that I approached it in a refined, pinky-out manner, but I didn’t. I dove into the fish fork first and absolutely loved each bite of it. The fish completely separated from the bone effortlessly so I wasn’t even concerned about getting stabbed by it. I originally thought the dish was going to be too spicy, but thankfully it wasn’t tragically hot. I have to admit, my lips were tingling as I ate it, thanks to the chili and lime mixture, but the steamed rice helped to relax it. As a whole, I loved the dish. There were moments where the bone started to be a bit of a challenge, but it wasn’t something that took away from it all. The fish was incredibly soft and it absorbed the juice like a sponge!

Savoey #12

Dinner at Savoey was better than I could have imagined. There have been many great eats so far while in Phuket and a single miss, but this restaurant was a highlight for me. I loved the food and how it was unlike anything we had so far. Even better, here comes the sweaty girl comment: I loved that they had fans everywhere! And here comes a fat girl comment: it really made it a lot easier to enjoy devouring all the food.

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