I say this in the kindest way possible and from first-hand experience, seriously: no one cares that you’re tired.

Yes, I get it. We entrepreneurs or super-side hustlers work more hours in a single week than most can imagine. Whether you have a full-time job and your side gig, multiple side gigs, or are just running around trying to make anything happen you’re doing a lot. It commendable, respectable and I get it. The problem with doing so much is that you sacrifice sleep. It makes sense; there are on twenty-four hours in a day and if we want a little more time to get anything done, we’ll pull hours from our rest. The part that no one else cares about is the fact that you say you are tired—all the time.

My bad, was that rude?

Fine you may be right, but here are three reasons why both entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs don’t care that you’re tired. And before you divert your eyes below, each reason only blames you. Ok I admit, that was kind of rude. My bad.

You Chose This Life

The first couple of times that you respond to the “How are you” question from a friend with, “I’m tired” will garner you some sympathy. After so many repeats of the same line to the point that it feels like Groundhog’s Day to the ears hearing it, not so much. Reason being, no one feels bad for you because you chose this life. You made the decision that you wanted to start a blog, create a new gadget, or build your own consulting firm. When the idea came into your mind and you had the option to let it burn out like an exhausted flame on a candle, you decided to let it flicker a little longer to see what it could become. That was a great decision to follow your gut and let your passion flourish. However, when you decided to pursue it, you signed your name across the final line to accept all the responsibilities that would come along with it. The success you dream of, the profits, the new career and ultimately the new life you wish to cultivate are the fun parts, but with that comes the difficulties. Loss of sleep, irritability, short temper, failure, frustration, and as many other “exciting” characteristics that weren’t originally part of your personality seem to become part of your identity.


But since you chose to take on this life, pursue this journey, and continue along this entrepreneurial road you don’t get to cry for sympathy. That really goes to the folks who say “I’m tired” hoping the person on the other end of those words will tilt their head to the side, rub you shoulder, and ask you tell them all about it. Of course, the first couple of times they will but once you’re sounding like a broken record, no one cares. Sure you’re allowed to be tired and express frustration with it all, but to continuously beg for sympathy on a life you willingly chose? My friend, no one cares.

You’re Becoming an Asshole

Seeing as you’re getting fewer hours of sleep each night and utilizing every waking moment to something you’re working towards, you’re probably more irritable than usual. You’re crankier, you get annoyed easily, and you don’t laugh at jokes as much most likely because you don’t have the energy to comprehend them. Even worse you have a short fuse and your patience is extremely low. When people tell you how tired they are, you counter with “Not as tired as me”. When someone comes to you and explains they have it rough, you respond “It’s not as bad as I have it”. Oh my god, we get it! You’re tired, you’re trying to accomplish so much, and your life is hard but you don’t need to become an asshole to those who have been considerate to you for so long. Along your path to become a business owner, you’ve had to become tougher and resilient, but at some point you also became an asshole. You’re less sympathetic to others, you don’t listen well, and you ultimately become hard to talk to. You’re a bonafide asshole.

Starting your own insert dream business here is hard and it requires a great deal of work, but turning into a vile version of yourself was never part of the marketing plan. Just because you’re sacrificing so much to achieve your dream, doesn’t mean you get to be cold, cranky, or discredit the feelings of others. If you’re working towards a goal do that, but don’t let it negatively affect the way you interact with others. Express you’re exhausted to an extent but hear another person out also. The minute you start to be mean to others because you’re working your butt off for your dream or you start to act like a jerk even if it’s out of frustration you’re turning into the worst part of yourself and honestly my dear, no one cares.

You’re Missing Out on the Life Around You

It’s incredible to know that a person (like you reading this) can pursue and cultivate a goal from the ground up to turn it into something with such great potential. Sure you’re putting in a ton of hours and missing out on sleep, but along the way there’s a chance that you also started missing out on life. Family events or friends hanging out aren’t things you attend as frequently as when you had more time, but to completely disappear from the lives of those you care about is unfair. And not the corny, “It’s unfair to them because they care about you”, it’s really unfair to you too because they provide an escape for you. Being so tired and living under a rock is fine, but squeeze in some time to live your life and to be around your friends and family. If you don’t then don’t approach them with your sob story of being so fatigued because at that point they really won’t care.

You’re working a lot and that seems to be the underlying theme here. However commendable it is, it’s essential that you realize that after a while, no one cares that you’re tired. You decided to take on the task of building your dream but that doesn’t mean you can be an asshole to others or dip out of their lives because you’re busy. Doing that will leave you lonely along your road that requires a great deal of support from those you care about. Remain caring to those around you, spend time with people you love, and do your best to stop saying how tired you are. The least you can do if find a different phrase to express your exhaustion. “Sorry, I’m on zombie mode right now.” could work.

You’re welcome.

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  1. Kendra

    This is true. Being an entrepreneur or trying to become one can be very stressful but we all need to remember to take a step back, breath, and realize that life is still going on around us. It helps to take breaks, even if they’re quick, to help decompress. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Marcie

    Haha! This is a fresh perspective and I love it! I feel this way as a blogger, but mostly as a Mom of littles. Breathing and being present in the moment is a great way to recharge.

    • Danielle N. Salmon
      Danielle N. Salmon

      I give mompreneurs like you and others a like so much credit because juggling it all with kids is no easy task. But I love that you can keep the fresh perspective yourself and keep it all in motion!

  3. missreverie

    Love this advice from you, Danielle. It’s just so sassy and so not rude at all. I think it’s rude for people to keep on harping about how tired and busy they are when they’re out ‘socializing’. I personally will excuse myself and book a trip into the comfy hole of my woman cave and socialize after I give myself some rest time. We are humans and not robots after all. Perhaps, it’s the introvert in me, but I know I’m no good to anyone I’m interacting with operating on a short or worse, blown fuse! Tend to ourselves first! That’s all I have to say. Hahah. Thank you for writing this piece as I will use it to keep myself centered as well even though I’m no entrepreneur. 😀 x

  4. behgopa

    I remember the first time that I read a blog post of yours.I remember it being inspiring and reflective of the big dreams many bloggers aspire to achieve. I remember thinking, wow, this woman kicks ass (being that you had mentioned how you squeezed in time for blog work while working a full time job, putting in hours early in the morning and late at night)! Sometimes I kick myself for not being able to get everything done due to being tired. Loved reading this post and it makes me want to try to fight my tiredness more to get through things. Being tired and/or hungry makes me super cranky! I might need extra extra coffee and extra extra food to fight through.


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