[All photos in this post where taken by Huong Nguyen of Heartlab Co. at Weho Bistro in West Hollywood]

I’ve been blogging about restaurants and food related events here at Follow My Gut for a little over two years.

In my time of talking about and photographing plates, I’ve been asked why I write about restaurants more times than I can recall. In the beginning it was a simple answer: “I really love dining”. It was a true answer, but overtime I started to feel like it wasn’t my answer. I really love eating at restaurants (along with so many other people), but I wanted to figure out the ‘why’ to why I love restaurants so much. Recently I took a trip down memory lane to figure out that answer and the memories that housed my interactions with restaurants were pretty surprising. So much so that I have to share it with you and offer a few reasons why you should write about restaurants if you’ve been thinking about it.

Let’s Go Back In Time

When I was elementary, my school encouraged kids to read books by rewarding us with personal pizzas from Pizza Hut after reaching a specific reading goal. I not only reached that goal, I did it repeatedly. Not because I love books, sure reading is cool, but I really wanted to sit in Pizza Hut and have someone hand me a pizza. Of course I impressed my mom and my teachers with how much I could read, but I was really doing it for sausage and pepperoni covered pies. A few years later I remember my uncle giving me a large amount of money. As a kid, getting $20 was like winning the lottery. Any other kid would have taken those winnings and bought toys, my first thought was, “Can you imagine how many nuggets from McDonald’s I can get with this!?” Fast forward and a few years later my mom went into the hospital for breast cancer surgery. During her recovery, everyone (and I mean everyone) came by our house with plates of food. Seeing people walk with lasagna, steak, and pies in hand almost like waiters, made me think our house had turned into a restaurant. From those instances, I’ve always had a natural want to be in, eat in, and talk about restaurants which has now turned into this blog. Sure it may sound corny, but some of the best love stories start that way.

Now, let’s talk about you…

With that said, I know I really love restaurants and if you’re reading this post then there’s a chance that you do too. Maybe you’re even at the point that you want to write about them. If you find yourself looking to take that next step, here are four reasons why you should finally make the leap!

It’s All the Food You Can Imagine

If you’re the type of person who loves going to restaurants and you can’t help but take out your phone or camera to snap a few shots before you eat and share that image with everyone, then you will be incredibly pleased to know that writing about food will introduce you to plates you can’t even imagine. As you visit restaurant after restaurant you’ll find yourself in eateries that have plates you could have only dreamed of enjoying. You’ll get to explore tastes that go beyond what you’re used to and see plates decorated with flare. Even more, you’ll get to meet the ingenious chefs who create the dishes that bring all your dreams to life.

You’ll Meet Amazing People

We all know that food can bring people together, but when you’re writing and photographing it for a restaurant, you’re often around people who do the same thing. You’ll quickly see yourself at a table with strangers and being in close proximity over a shared interest of food can turn strangers into friends. A cocktail here, an appetizer there, and before you know it you’re planning the next time you’ll meet up with a person who only a few hours ago you just introduced yourself to.

You’ll Go to Incredible Places

The more you write about restaurants, the more restaurants you’ll want to see. I thought Los Angeles would be enough for me, but as I got deeper into it I wanted to see what could be found outside of my own city, state, and country. With that I started to travel for food. To be invited to restaurants in Mexico City and to travel with the ability to photograph restaurants in cultures and cities outside of my own is a blessing and one that you’ll get to enjoy too! My best advice, as you start writing about restaurants make a list of the places you want to visit and write about  and give it to Jesus, the universe, or whatever higher being directs your life. Tell them your plans and watch them make it happen.

You Can Create Your Own Adventure

The best part about writing about restaurants and all that it entails is it can become an adventure if you let it. The minute you allow yourself to dive deep into this restaurant review world and really allow the wave to take you, you’ll find yourself exploring life one plate at a time. Along the way you’ll realize that there are people who love to follow your adventures and support what you do. That in turn will offer you a life that you didn’t see coming and one that you will wholeheartedly accept!

I’ve found that my initial love for eating at a restaurant and photographing plates from the kitchen has grown into something more than I could have expected. I love that I have memories where all I could think about was getting into a fast food joint or people making me feel like my home was a restaurant. Because of that, I now have my own little space on the world wide web where I can share with others the new restaurants and plates that I discover. I think it’s exciting and liberating to be able to do this and I’m incredibly lucky to do so. I highly encourage you to do the same if you’ve contemplated it. If you’re looking to jump into reviewing restaurants and are optimistic about the places you’ll encounter, do it! Heck, I’m here if you have questions or need help as you start so you don’t feel like you have to go about it alone. Just make the first step and see where it takes you, and I’m sure you’ll be glad you followed your gut.

20 Responses

  1. heather (delicious not gorgeous)

    hi, yes, im raising my hand. i was also the kid who read for pizza hut. (though i did and still love reading, but pizza was a wonderful side benefit). you’ve gotten to try so many cool restaurants and cities through this, and it sounds so amazing! plus, you have the ability to make all of us drool through our computer screens, which is pretty cool (;

    • Danielle N. Salmon
      Danielle N. Salmon

      Haha I knew I couldn’t have been alone with the pizza as a reward for reading. Glad to know someone else loves to read AND get pizza at the same time! And thank you so much for your sweet words. I’m so blessed to get to do this and am so happy at what it allows me to do and if it makes people drool, then that’s all I need Heather =]

  2. GiGi Eats Celebrities

    And this is why we get along. Because we are so in sync with our adoration for food and restaurants and eating … And then of course the awesome opportunities that come with our passion 😉

  3. Christine Kong

    I love this post! It’s great to finally meet the person BTS and see how and why this all started. I love that Chief Eating Officer too…too clever. I totally am a food lover and appreciate any type of food from street food to fine cuisine. I think it’s amazing that you get to travel to try new and different things and meet people. It’s kind of the same thing with lifestyle blogging and how I got into doing my blog as well…but with fashion. It’s amazing what you have accomplished in such a short amount of time. I love reading your reviews and seeing all your photos! xoxo, Christine

    • Danielle N. Salmon
      Danielle N. Salmon

      Eeeep thank you so much, Christine! Thank you so so much for your kind words it means a lot to me for you to say that especially as a blogger who I respect so much! Traveling for food is so much fun as I would imagine traveling for fashion. I may be at a table and you front row at a show. I think it’s great that we get to be bloggers doing what we love and taking people along with us. BTW – I hid from the camera for a while but cool bloggers like you who work the camera effortlessly have helped me be on the other side of the lens so thank YOU for that =]

  4. evolvewithmary

    Oh, I can’t wait for this trip down memory lane 🙂 I really enjoy reading about restaurants, I’ve even had thoughts of writing about them. This is how it usually goes for me, I order 3-4 courses, I take a great picture of the first course, maybe even the second course but that’s it, I inhale my food and forget to take pictures, I forget to notice the taste smell and texture, nope i’m too busying eat. I love what you do and that you are inspiring others to join in on the fun. I’ll stick to crafting, lol since I’m so darn greedy. Traveling for food. Yes Yes… Yes. Let me know if you ever make your way to the Bay Area.

    • Danielle N. Salmon
      Danielle N. Salmon

      BAHAHAHAHA Mary can I tell you just how much you crack me up! You seriously make me so happy. I can understand why you would devour food so fast because, it’s right in front of you calling your name! It used to be so hard for me to resist just so I can take a few photos but it got a lot easier over time. Even better, my friends have gotten used to it too! I’m so pleased to hear you love what I do because it’s a great source of support. And just like you to me, I love what you do and how you motivate me to get to working out! <3

  5. Beuna

    I’m going to share this post with my son since I’ve been telling him for awhile that he would be great at this (and love it).

    • Danielle N. Salmon
      Danielle N. Salmon

      Oh my gosh, thank you so much for sharing it with him Beuna. I hope when he starts he loves it and if he needs help along the way I’m totally here for him =]

    • Danielle N. Salmon
      Danielle N. Salmon

      That’s so cool to hear that you write about restaurants too and in LA, we should meet up one day. I love writing about restaurants and I love that you incorporate recipes into your site too. How cool and creative of you to be well versed in all areas of food, Lisa Valerie!

  6. Nilu

    Danielle your space always leaves me with my mouth watering. And while I don’t write about food, I’m an incessant hogger. But I’m choosy about what I eat and I think you express about your opinion – your choice of food and place of dining so well for people like me to get a gist on where I could eat and how might it taste like!

    • Danielle N. Salmon
      Danielle N. Salmon

      Haha that makes me so happy, Nilu. I love writing about food and hope that it makes others hungry as well and eager to try the place too. If even your mouth waters when you come this way then I feel like my mission has been accomplished =]

  7. seaandterra

    excellent perspective! it makes me question how i treat my own blog & incorporating more food reviews!

  8. missreverie

    Danielle, I really loved reading this post! You put your heart in it as you did in all of your posts but this has something extra. I get to see photos of you being you and read a backstory of why you write about restaurants. I love that you shared your childhood story and how your mom recovered from breast cancer and food was in the background always a motivating factor for you. I think it’s really sweet that you do what you do with a flair that is uniquely your own. Plus, I just adore your personality so I’m always going to stalk this space, even though I do more of food-consuming into my gut than writing a review. I applaud you for following your gut with this space and I hope you continue to do so. Love you! 😀

    • Danielle N. Salmon
      Danielle N. Salmon

      Promise you’ll always stalk this space. I love your energy and your positivity so very much so I love when I see your name pop up over here. Thank you so much for your kindness and appreciation of this post. It was so interesting to express why I love restaurants so much and to see where it’s all coming from. You’re right, food has always been in my life whether in the background or the forefront so I love that I get to do something that makes it such a big part of my life. thank you for the applause I will continue to do this and with so much passion <3

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