Sometimes ice cream is just what it is and that’s fine.

There are times when you walk into an ice cream shop, peer into the glass case, choose a flavor, and what you get is simply what you asked for. But then there are times when ice cream does more than you expected. It can create long-lasting relationships with people that you may not have expected. Case in point, Helados. Then there are times when you walk into an ice cream shop and the taste of each flavor you sample takes you on a trip across the world. If you’ve encountered that experience, then you were probably in Wanderlust Creamery.

This week I visited Wanderlust to not only try a few of their flavors, but also see if the shop lived up to its name. Was it possible for a small ice cream shop in Glendale, California to instill a sense of travel within me to the point that I run home, book a flight, and pack my bags in anticipation of a trip? If not that, then could the taste bring forth a sense of nostalgia of past trips; Mexico City or Phuket? As I spoke to one of the shops’ co-owners, JP, I looked to gauge his answer on the very question. From his account, their flavors incorporate aspects of the places he and co-owner Adrienne have visited. Popular and common ingredients from various cities are mixed in each batch and served with the hope that wanderlust and inspiration will come through with every scoop. Hearing that, I picked a few flavors in hopes of taking a trip myself.

Picking a flavor was just as hard as picking a place to vacation. Should I get Earl Grey for a taste of Great Britain, Tonka Bean to devour a bit of South America, or go with the Vegan Gianduja to try my hand at Italy? After dropping enough clean plastic spoons in the “used” containers, I made a decision. I started with an Ube Cone ($1). The purple yam flavored cone was both beautifully colored and delicious. On top of it I had scoops of Ube Malted Crunch (Philippines), Thai Tea (Thailand), Violet Marshmallow (Nice, France), and Sticky Rice + Mango (Thailand) rounding me out at about $11 for the trip. Each scoop was delicious, smooth, and extremely sweet. It’s safe to expect a bit of a sugar high as you take in these scoops, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless.

With little understanding of what it’s like to be in France or the Philippines, it was impossible to carry a sense of nostalgia. Instead, the ice cream infused a degree of wonderment to know what the cities were like. Did the distinct attributes about the ube feel like walking down a bustling street in the Philippines? And did JP and Adrienne find the gentle and subtle tastes of the marshmallow creme and Parma Violets in the Violet Marshmallow feel similar to walking along the beautiful blue ocean and white sanded beach? I’m not sure, but in that moment with those flavors I was eager to find out first hand.

My bank account thought otherwise.

Taking a trip back to reality, I fell deep into the Thai Tea and the Sticky Rice + Mango flavors. Each one reminded me of my trip to Phuket. The Thai Tea tasted like the drinks I had before spending the day walking down streets, visiting shops, and dodging speeding vehicles that had no concern for tourists. Then there was the sticky rice flavor. Considering I didn’t like sticky rice when I tried it, I was surprised to find it more than agreeable when it came scooped out of the Wanderlust case. It was smooth and clear in its flavoring, but didn’t come with the varying temperatures that happens when the rice, coconut milk, and mango slices come on a plate. Served here, I enjoyed this flavor and the others to the point that I wanted to add a few more stamps in my passport.

Leaving Wanderlust I was reminded of other experiences with ice cream. Sometimes ice cream is just what it is and that’s fine. Then there are times when ice cream can take you on a trip around the world without even leaving your state. When that happens, it’s safe to say that you got your money’s worth.

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Wanderlust Creamery Wants You to Travel the World Through Ice Cream
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28 Responses

  1. Dawn

    Man, I wish I didn’t live on the other side of the country. That sounds like an ice cream shop worth visiting, for sure. I love those flavours!

    Having lived in the Philippines, I don’t actually like ube ice cream, but it’s nostalgic nonetheless. 🙂

    Great post. Definitely makes me want to visit the Wanderlust Creamery.

  2. MayaNyssa

    I’m drooling over the sticky rice + mango! I will definitely try to stop by next time I travel through California.

  3. Julie Cao

    That four scoop ice cream you ordered is the longest I have ever seen but so colorful and looks so delicious. It surely brings back great memories. I am surprised they have sticky rice and mango flavor, but even more surprised it tastes very good.

    • Danielle N. Salmon
      Danielle N. Salmon

      Yeah it was pretty intense to have that many scoops on one but a friend of mine had 8 scoops!!! And I too was shocked at how much I liked the mango sticky rice flavor especially since I don’t care for the dessert, but they really just did a great job at developing their flavors =]

  4. Shauna

    Oh my yummy! We love ice cream and that just looks delicious! Every time we go to our local spot we get something new. Wish they had the mango rice here.

  5. danay

    Those flavors sound and look yummy. I’ll have to add them to my “to-taste” list during my next trip to LA this year.

  6. Brenda Stevens

    I love your old school quad cone scoop…nice!
    The pic alone makes me want to try Wanderlust. Your description make me want to try it right now…7:00am on Monday morning!

    • Danielle N. Salmon
      Danielle N. Salmon

      Haha Brenda that makes me so happy that the photo alone makes you want some! The minute you wanna go that way, I’m totally down to be your sidekick =]

  7. emmaeatsandexplores

    Wow, that’s one top heavy ice cream cone! Love the amazing sounding flavours – think Mango & Sticky rice might just be the winner for me. Such a yummy post

  8. michenn (@michennblog)

    I love your photos and I really want to visit that ice cream shop now! The mango and sticky rice one sounds delicious; I grew up eating that. Ahhh, so craving ice cream now!

    • Danielle N. Salmon
      Danielle N. Salmon

      If you grew up eating that kind of food/ice cream then you gotta give it a shot and see if it’s as good as your childhood memories. And glad you love my photos, that makes me so happy =]

  9. evolvewithmary

    I’ve been to 10 countries, and I’m hoping to make that 15 within the next two years, at least before I settle down and start a family. OMG, that just freaked me out. lol. Sadly I’m not a huge ice cream fan, for all those calories I want to sink my teeth into something hearty, sweet and unhealthy. But I might just make an exception for Wanderlust Creamery. I have a severe case of Wanderlust, so maybe this is just what the doctor ordered. I want to try the sticky rice + mango flavor since my next big trip is going to be to South East Asian. I wonder what Violet marshmallow tasted like; I’m sure it didn’t disappoint.

    • Danielle N. Salmon
      Danielle N. Salmon

      Hahaha I laughed at the part where you freaked yourself out. YOU ARE TOO FUNNY, MARY! I think if you have a severe wanderlust disease (cuz yeah, it’s a disease :P) then you gotta try the ice cream just for a single chance to see how it taste. And to be honest, if you’re going to another 5 countries before you have a fam full of kiddos then you gotta taste the ice cream … for research purposes of course!

  10. Tamika

    I love ice cream and these flavors sounds great! The Sticky rice & Mango sounds very yummy. I can’t wait to come visit this place! Thanks for putting it on my to-do list.

  11. missreverie

    This post made me feel like travelling to places! Even though they might just be around here, hahah. As always, I love devouring your words describing about each ice cream flavor with such passionate detail. I don’t eat ice cream that much and when I do, it’s something along the lines of coffee or dark-chocolate ones so I’m not sure if my tongue is skilled enough to detect each distinct flavor but reading your experience is making me want to try different-flavored ice cream! 😀 x

    • Danielle N. Salmon
      Danielle N. Salmon

      I love that you were able to take a trip with the ice cream here too, Shanaz. Even though you say you like more traditional flavors, the minute you try a unique flavor I want to hear about it!


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