I thought this would be easy, but I quickly found out that I was wrong.

I was looking to have brunch in LA one Sunday morning and opted to check out Laurel Point in Studio City. I was supposed to go with a friend, but as he was unable to come, I decided to go alone. That wasn’t the problem. The difficult came when I stared at the restaurant’s menu and couldn’t figure which entrée to order. I was stuck between two plates and found myself struggling to make a choice. Asking the waiter didn’t bring me to a solid conclusion as he said both were great options. Unable to follow my gut and pick a dish, I went with both. In just a matter of minutes it would be two entrees and one girl at Laurel Point in Studio City.

Before my plates arrived I took a few sips of my drink, Orange Juice with Sprite ($5). Since they came separately, I tried the freshly made juice and loved how it tasted like the oranges were picked from a tree local to the area. After the thought of a man grabbing an orange and squeezing into my glass faded away, I poured the Sprite into the glass. Bad move, Danielle. Contrary to what I hoped, the sweet and carbonated soda fought the light orange juice to the point that the two didn’t taste good together. It was a great idea in my head, but not across my taste buds. While I hate to admit it, that became a miss on my part, not the restaurant.

As I began to drink my water in place of my juice, the first plate arrived. I got the Lobster Benedict ($19) and added a side of Applewood Bacon ($5). There was a part of me that felt the side of bacon was a bit expensive, but I had been craving bacon all morning that my initial gripe with the price was forgotten when I saw it before me. Should I see that price on a day when I wasn’t craving bacon, and I probably wouldn’t have gotten it. That aside, the bacon was tucked into the lobster Benedict. Along with it was brioche toast, shaved veg, béarnaise, and salmon caviar. As I sliced into the dish and tried it, I found the béarnaise sauce had a light kick of spice to it that gave the entire plate a an enthusiastic accent. The sauce covered the plump and juicy lobster pieces, drizzled down the toast, and held the elegant tasting caviar. It wasn’t a light dish, but it wasn’t weighted either. All in all it was a great breakfast option for one, but seeing as I was a bit of a glutton, it was a merely a starter to the next dish.

When the Cheddar Biscuits & Gravy ($15) arrived, I knew I was going to be taken down by the Laurel Point menu. A medium sized skillet presented country sausage, a sunny egg, a smothered biscuit, and Louisiana hot sauce. Unlike the Benedict, this dish was heavy! It may not look like it, but because it was such a hearty dish, it can serve two people just fine. As a plate for one person, like myself, I could see that my appetite was a bit overzealous. Regardless of how much I could or could not finish, I would soon realize that this was my favorite dish of the two! Within the weight of it was a delicious sense of cheddar biscuits that swam in a hearty and warm gravy. The hot sauce was faint on top so that it didn’t take away from overall dish. However, the minute the egg started to cascade across the biscuits and gravy, it felt as if I was having the most plentiful plate a foodie could ask to have. Sure I couldn’t finish it off, but the point where I had to put my fork down felt fine by me.

Although I wasn’t able to go to brunch with a friend, I was glad that I was able to try two of Laurel Point’s best plates! From the modest lobster Benedict to the flowing biscuits and gravy I able to taste two completely different dishes and enjoyed them. While I wish I could have finished them both, I don’t feel like I lost to them. It may have looked that way as the waiter took my half eaten plates away, but considering how much I liked the two I think I won in the end.

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Two Entrees and One Girl at Laurel Point in Studio City
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  1. missreverie

    My mouth watered reading this and I could have eaten the rest if you’d just mail them to me. Hahah. Dang girl, you are a true foodie. I love reading your very intricate taste bud explosion stories and this post made me chuckle and drool. But since it’s very late here, I’ll just be a bit upset and hope that the sleep will bring me dreams with food. BTW, this breakfast could put me to sleep, Danielle, hahaha. I was thinking initially that it was for brunch. But then again, why would anyone say no to all this yumminess. I’m sorry about the Sprite though! Poor orange juice, lol. <3 <3 <3

    • Danielle N. Salmon
      Danielle N. Salmon

      Oh, em, gee I would totally mail you food if I knew it wouldn’t be a total gross mess by the time you received it! Hopefully you had foodie dreams! Those are actually my fave…well, after dreams of Leonardo DiCaprio but whatevs a girl can hope right?! And you’re so right, it’s totally hard to say no to yumminess so why do it!


  2. GiGi

    WHEN DA FAKKKK are you inviting me on one of your eating adventures!!!!!!!! Then we could call a blog post TWO GIRLS… THIRTY ENTREES!


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