With Christmas just around the corner, it can be easy to forget that not all presents sit under the tree. Sometimes, the perfect gift doesn’t sit on a shelf or come from a department store. No I’m not talking about love, kindness, or peace to all mankind. I’m talking about something you can find coming out of a kitchen and delivered on a beautiful plate. At least, that’s a great gift in my eyes and one of the best places to receive it is at WeHo Bistro in West Hollywood.

I’ve loved this restaurant since I was first invited in and find myself loving new plates with each visit. Returning during the close of the year, I got the chance to try their 4-Course WeHoliday Feast ($47 per person). The restaurant offers a handful of items to fit the mood of anyone glancing at the menu. For myself, I struggled to make a decision between so many great items, but the minute I knew what I wanted I ordered without hesitation.

With my friend Huong across the table we chatted a bit until a few of our plates arrived. The first was soup. Huong went with the restaurant’s famous Mushroom Soup while I went with the French Onion. They were two completely different styles of soup with each having a distinct taste. While I didn’t dive into Huong’s soup, I’ve had it before and enjoyed it. Light, creamy, and smooth with a delicate mushroom taste that wasn’t overwhelming or distracting. All in all, I could only assume that for Huong it was a great start to our lunch.

Myself on the other hand, I was both distracted and captivated by the beauty that rests in the cheese pull of my soup. With Huong doing all the hard work, she managed to stretch the cheese so vertical it was hard to take my eyes away from it. Once I did, I was able to enjoy the soup. A nice layer on top opened up to a warm soup with just the right amount of onions and seasoning. It was delicious until my entrée arrived and that was all I was interested in.

Of all the dishes available to order, the Magret of Duck was placed before me. A perfectly sliced duck breast was served on top of a honey cognac sauce and paired with potatoes Dauphinoise and tomato Provencal. This dish was exceptional and there was very little argument that can be made against that. It’s hard to deny just how delicious the dish is when you try it. The duck was incredibly succulent and tender that each bite felt as if you were tasting meat for the first time. “Oh wow, that’s what it tastes like? I’ll have another bite!” What makes the duck even greater is the unsuspectingly sweet honey cognac sauce. It was so rich and added a significant amount of flavor across the duck that it was impossible to not go in for more. A perfect addition to the duck was the large potato Dauphinoise. The thin layers of potato were creamy and smooth and matched so easily with the duck.

I think it’s safe to say that not all gifts can be wrapped, but if it’s a gift card from WeHo Bistro then maybe it can. But if you’re looking for something you can enjoy while in the restaurant, it’s their holiday menu. A few amazing plates that showcase the restaurant nicely make up the menu and one that will be great to explore from plate to plate and everything dish in between.

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Address: 1040 N. La Cienega Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Phone: (310) 657-9696
Hours: Daily – 9:00am to 10:30pm
Social: WebsiteFacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


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See Why WeHo Bistro’s “4-Course WeHoliday Feast” is the Best Gift for the Season
Customer Service10
Pro Eats
  • Friendly staff
  • Food taste great
  • Plenty of free parking
Con Eats
  • Can get crowded
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  1. missreverie

    I know this is a food review but hey, I really love your nail color! Hahah. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you, Danielle. I just want to say that I enjoyed reading this review and kept imagining the taste of the duck and the potatoes as you made me want to eat everythin on that plate. The soup with the cheese on top is so divine in photos I’m sure I’ll be dreaming of it tonight! 🙂 x


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