Actually, don’t limit yourself to drinking and eating donuts from Trejo’s Coffee and Donuts to today alone. There are 364 more days in the year where you can enjoy coffee and pastries from actor Danny Trejo’s shop, but if you feel so inclined to do so today by all means allow yourself to celebrate the unofficial holiday. However, the minute you feel the inclination to revisit them later in the year, go with your gut.

I didn’t stop myself this morning as I made my way to Hollywood to check out the coffee and donut shop. Trejo’s Coffee and Donuts opened early last month pulling in ABC 7, Eater LA, TMZ, and many major outlets all covering the star’s donuts. Since then, the shop has received consistent media coverage and had more than one camera in the shop capturing the delicious donuts. With all of that, they’ve managed to continuously sell out of their creative and traditional donuts from Da Berry Bomb ($3.25), El Diablo Cake ($2.25), Nacho ($3.00), Low Rider ($1.75), O.G. ($2.00), and many more.

On my visit for National Donut day, I immediately ran into a line that wrapped around the building. Sure the sun was radiating a little bit hotter than normal as I waited behind at least 40 people who were sweating just as much as I was, but it would all soon be worth it. It didn’t take long for me to get inside the small shop, cool off, and peer into the glass cases displaying the flavors of donuts. Machete ($3.00), Horchata ($3.00), and Pina Fritter ($2.50) all stood out as drool-worthy confections but it was clear that each donut had something special to them.

Moments later I was handed a box of assorted donuts and a handful of donut holes. Opening the box I was immediately hit with a warm scent of fresh hot baked goods that bounced between sweet and savory scents. The candy frosting flavor of the Pinata Cake (1.75) topped with sprinkles to the deep salty scent of the Maple Pig ($3.00) mixed with vanilla, brown sugar, and candied bacon was an incredibly wonderful scent to be overwhelmed by. With a goal of devouring the donuts animal-style I made my way out of the shop and headed to my car. But before leaving to enjoy as many donuts as my pants would allow I stopped to meet Danny Trejo. The brains, muscles, scowl, and rugged voice behind popular films and shows such as Machete, Grindhouse, and Sons of Anarchy had a smile that stretched from ear to ear as he posed for pictures with fans. He cracked a few jokes and instilled a few laughs in others and it was really great to see the open interaction he had with people. As cool and collected as I tried to be when he held his arm out to take a photo, I couldn’t help but think this was the same man who discussed prison food on the Smart Mouth podcast, the man who chatted about LA’s best eats with Anthony Bourdain, and the man who made me think he was the toughest renegade in the world. As short-lived as the moment was, it was a great one nonetheless. The next best moment was eating each of his soft donuts in the 0.3mile walk back to my car. I managed to keep some intact to take photos of them at home, but reminiscing on the taste of them while taking photos made the shoot move faster than you could imagine.

To see more food that Danny Trejo has brought to Los Angeles, check out the review of his Mexican restaurant Trejo’s Cantina!

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Address: 6785 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, California
Phone: (323) 462-4600
Hours: Monday to Saturday – 7:00am to 2:00pm and Closed on Sunday
Social: Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Ring in National Donut Day at Trejo's Coffee and Donuts
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20 Responses

  1. evolvewithmary

    I’m not a huge donut fan but that doesn’t mean I won’t devour them like nobodies business. Wow the line was wrapped around the building, these bad boys must be epic. I love me some Danny Trejo, I heard he’s also opening a sushi restaurant. These donuts have my mouth watering and craving sugar, perfect time to work out! 🙂

  2. heather (delicious not gorgeous)

    on national donut day, i was like no donuts, i’m going to be good. and then the day after, i ate carrots instead of donuts. and then the day after, i couldn’t take it anymore and got a donut. anyways, the menu sounds so. good. especially that pina fritter! i have some doubts about the nacho one though lol.

  3. missreverie

    I don’t really go wild for donuts but I’d definitely wolf them down during that time of the month. Hahah. That must be something to take photos with the star. He has been in the business FOREVER as I remember in high school watching From Dusk Till Dawn with my friends and that was soooooo long ago. Nostalgia aside, I love how you recollected your experience with the donuts and meeting Trejo and his huge grin. I feel like having coffee now though but it’s late, should I go for it? I don’t know. Danielle, I hope you are well there my dear! I just wanted to drop by and say hiiiiiiiii and that I’m sending good energy to you! <3 xoxo

    • Danielle N. Salmon
      Danielle N. Salmon

      It’s always a pleasure when you drop by Shanaz so thank you so much for all your kind words I really had a blast checking out the shop and even meeting him. I know a lot of people don’t care for donuts so i totally understand but I’ll eat your share of donuts too!

  4. Sarah

    Next time I’m in LA, I’m visiting this place! I’ve also added National Donut Day to my calendar, ha!


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