A late night breakfast isn’t a new concept, but somehow restauranteur Jeremy Fall has made it seem like it is.

The entrepreneur who started his professional career at sixteen working in marketing to later owning and running a handful of bars and eateries throughout Los Angeles, is making breakfast for dinner more than a simple idea. With his latest restaurant/bar, Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar in Venice, Fall is raising the perception of breakfast food to a style that Angelenos crave, especially late at night.

I had the chance to experience Fall’s Nighthawk menu last night alongside a few blogger friends including Tara of The Food Pervert and Kimlai of Eatin’ Asian. Taking a glance at Nighthawk, it appears to be nothing more than a westside restaurant with a dark appearance. However, taking a step inside and seeing how busy and bustling it was it definitely felt like a bar! Groups of people standing around talking, energetic music blasting from the speakers, plates in front of each guest in a seat, and of course cocktails in almost every hand showed that Fall managed to balance both the bar and restaurant aesthetic perfectly.

Personally, I realized the bar aspect pretty quickly as it was somewhat impossible to have a conversation without shouting. Then again, that’s typical in any bar. The choice to have any serious discussion about life, politics, or even the laws of physics would likely fall on deaf ears. But if you happen to have a voice that reaches elated decibels or even a megaphone then you’ll be just fine.

Once my voice got to a level where my friends could hear me, we started to order.

It was so interesting to look at a menu that only had breakfast items such as spiked cereal milk, mimosas, a breakfast burger, chicken and biscuits, and a veggie benedict and not feel like something was missing. Scanning from item to item, I didn’t feel as if I was yearning for lunch or dinner dishes and with that, I knew what I wanted for myself and what I wanted to pick off my friend’s plates.

I started with the Bougie Coupe ($13), a flute glass of Elderflower liqueur, pisco, lemon juice, strawberry jam, and bubbles was incredibly sweet and masked the heaviness of the liquor so nicely that it was almost non-existent. Although the liquor was almost unnoticeable, that was only at the beginning. As the glass neared the end the alcohol made its way through the light citrus flavor of the lemon juice and the tart taste from the jam. It was a welcome surprise and brought the drink to a close effortlessly.

In between sips of the coupe, I took a few bites of the Benedict Fries ($12). The dish took French fries and smothered them in pit smoked ham, gruyere cheese, peppadew peppers, smoked paprika hollandaise sauce, and gently topped it all with a sunny side egg. To have fries covered so well with rich ham and seasoned sauce was incredibly delicious and flavorful. A pierce of the yolk in the egg to drizzle onto the fries was merely an additional topping to accent the taste.

Moving away from the fries, I took a few bites of The Redeye ($25). The 8oz hanger steak had a subtle ancho chile rub and dressed with tomatillo salsa all of which sat on top of scrambled aged cheddar eggs. This dish was the perfect alignment of both breakfast and dinner items – eggs and steak – making it great representation of how Fall has made breakfast for dinner such a smart idea. The slices of meat were cooked medium rare to let the juices of the steak blend seamlessly with the seasoning it was rubbed with. Doing so allowed the steak to absorb the richness of the rub and the salsa atop of it to the point that the meat was delectable without question.

A few breakfast dishes down and the item that got my full attention was the Drunken French Toast ($15). Rice krispies cereal coated brioche bread, pear brandy, pear compote, mascarpone cardamom mousse, and syrup. Thick slices of bread were covered with chunks of pear and soaked in pear brandy. Every part of this dish was amazing from the soft bread, the sweet pears, and the creamy and weightless mascarpone! Slicing through the toast and scooping up more of the fruit  was exciting as it gave me the chance to simply enjoy Nighthawk’s French toast again and again.

The final breakfast item of the night was the Maple-Espresso Sticky Bun ($10). A scoop of vanilla bean ice cream drizzled with caramel rum sat on top of a beautiful cinnamon bun and sprinkled with toasted pecans. The warm bun was delicious to smother in ice cream and the rum was just the right amount of alcohol to the dessert. One thing to note about the bun is that it will harden quickly. In the time we took photos the ice cream froze the warm bun faster than we could expect. With that said, devour this one the moment you have the chance!

Nighthawk Breakfast Bar in Venice was a great place to have dinner that was actually breakfast. I love the way that Fall created morning plates that were served so well in the evening that it didn’t feel like I was yearning for heavy dinner items. Instead, Fall designed a menu that incorporates all the things you could want. From benedict fries to drunken French toast, and so much in between, Nighthawk Breakfast Bar will feed your late night breakfast cravings in the best way possible.

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Address: 417 Washington Blvd, Venice, CA 90292
Phone: (424) 835-4556
Hours: Tuesday through Thursday – 6:00pm to 12:00am, Friday – 11:00am to 1:00am, Saturday 10:00am to 1:00am, Sunday – 10:00am to 12:00am, and Monday – Closed
Social: Website, Facebook, and Instagram.
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Feed Your Late Night Breakfast Cravings at Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar in Venice
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  • Food tastes great
  • Friendly staff
  • Great location
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  • Can be pricey
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  1. evolvewithmary

    I can eat breakfast all day everyday! So Nighthawk is right up my alley. Eggs Benedict Fries are my jam, eggy fries make my heart flutter. I would kill the Drunken French Toast.


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