Once in a while when it comes to this website, I find it hard to do my job.

There has been a time or two when I visit a restaurant and enjoy the food on a level beyond my expectations that makes it so difficult to write the post and even edit the photos. It may sound like procrastination, but it’s more of an intimidation. It has happened when I needed to write about WeHo Bistro and Helados Pops and in both instances, I didn’t know how to verbalize the way the restaurant made me feel. I thought, maybe if I put it off for another day I would know what to say. Days would pass, weeks would turn over and still nothing. This same struggle happened recently after eating at Bombay Palace in Beverly Hills.

Although I could sit and wait for the right words to come me, I figured that could take forever. Instead of pondering any longer, allow me to tell you about an Indian restaurant in Beverly Hills that I fell in love with on the very first visit.

The minute I walked into Bombay Palace with my friend TJ, I loved the interior! It was inviting, beautifully designed, and made me feel like it would be perfectly welcome to spend an extensive amount of time in a booth. Not to forecast into the future, but TJ and I definitely spent an extensive amount of time in Bombay Palace.

Interior and the appeal of the restaurant aside, the staff was kind and patient. The waitress was so amicable and pleasant to be around. After introducing herself, she told us more about the restaurant. From how the restaurant was run as family business for the last thirty years to Bombay Palace being the only restaurant in Los Angeles that continues to cook with a charcoal only clay oven, the bits of history we received were completely exciting to hear. As we were given short snippets into the life of Bombay Palace, the waitress helped up find a few items to order from the menu. Matching us with items that fit our preferences and pointing to a few of her favorites was extremely helpful and it ended up leading us in the best direction for our dinner.

To start the dinner we had two appetizers. The first was the Garlic Naan ($5.50). Fresh baked white bread was sprinkled with fresh butter and garlic. Pulling apart the warm and soft bread was one level of excitement, but taking in the scent of freshly seasoned bread was what made me truly happy. It was a perfect taste on its own and a style of bread that could easily pair with any dish. Second to the naan was a trio of Punjabi Samosa ($7.95). Seasoned potatoes and peas were wrapped in a light pastry. To the touch and taste, the samosa was cooked beautifully and opposite to many other Indian restaurants, the samosa here were not greasy at all. While the filling of the samosa were delicious, it was the buttery dough comprising the pastry that was the best part. It was thick and flaky and completely intoxicating making me go for bite after bite until they were all gone.

When it came to entrees, TJ and I ordered two completely different dishes. I ordered one of the restaurant’s popular plates and went with the Butter Chicken ($20.95). I loved reading the description of the dish because it was simple yet read with so much enticement. On plate was tandoori chicken cooked within a tomato sauce with fenugreek. When it arrived to the table it was unassuming and straightforward. Chicken in a tomato soup with rice and green peas on the side. Although it didn’t look like much beyond soup, the taste of it was amazing! The soup itself was immensely creamy to the point that it flowed like velvet but the addition of large tender slices of chicken made it even better. Taking scoops of the rice with spoonful’s of the soup was filling to the point that I couldn’t finish it all but would be glad to leftovers for a later day.

TJ on the other hand ordered the Palace Sizzling Grill ($36.95). The description lists the dish as a feast and a feast is exactly what it is. Although it was made for one person, there was just enough for two people to enjoy. On a sizzling hot plate was an assortment of meat and seafood from prawn, lamb chop, tandoori chicken, seekh kebab, and malai kebab alongside onion kulcha and dal makhani. I loved that this plate, well platter, offered so many variations of protein to showcase the versatility of Bombay Palace. Going from lamb to shrimp to the kebabs was a perfect way to discover the cooking style of the restaurant and to find a favorite amongst them all. While I enjoyed each and every item on the hot platter, it had to be the prawn that was my favorite. The over-sized shrimp were incredibly juicy and full of so much flavor it was simple to enjoy it. Add a squeeze of lemon across it all and pair it with scoops of rice and it was a perfect meal!

As I bring this restaurant review of Bombay Palace to a close, I can honestly admit that the plates we had exceeded our expectations! I was excited to experience each plate from the scent to the taste and to find favorites within the menu. What made the entire dinner worthwhile was all the food I took home remained just as delicious the day after we left the restaurant. I was happy to have had a great dinner in Bombay Palace, but even happier to have continued enjoying the food the day after. I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity to have dined at Bombay Palace and can’t wait to return to discover more amazing plates.

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Discover Something Amazing at Bombay Palace in Beverly Hills
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  1. evolvewithmary

    Hello Bombay Palace! I love eating Indian food but, I defiantly don’t eat it enough. OMG Those samosa look divine. Yes to butter chicken. Mmmmm look at those shrimp, I bet it smelled amazing.

  2. missreverie

    Yes to everything on these plates. My family and I are obsessed with Indian food and I’m sure we would frequent this place if it was here. We are usually at an Indian food joint for dinner, hahah. So everything you showed here is already making my mouth water as I can imagine the taste! Oh wait, I just googled, there is! LOL. I don’t go to KL often but that explains it. Will definitely check it out one day. 😀 x


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