I can’t explain why Santa Monica has been getting so much of time lately, but I also don’t care to do so.

Being around what seems to be the bluest of skies, the glistening water, and what could be the freshest of air (by LA standards at least) is an extremely relaxing feeling. Living in a small city of Los Angeles county, I can understand why so many tourist flock to this area. I was experiencing that type of relaxing moment as I sat at a table in the patio of Del Frisco’s Grille in Santa Monica. The restaurant is directly across the street from the Santa Monica Pier and as a result, it seems to saty packed with people looking to grab a bite to eat before they take in more of the beautiful coastline city.

I on the other hand, was staying clear of the water for this visit and put all my attention on Del Frisco’s Grille.

I was at the restaurant to try couple brunch items along with my friend, Darin. He’s the force behind this site’s logo and much of the guidance I acquired with web development. While at our table, Darin let me know that he would be leaving in a few months to travel the world. Possibly in search for a few of life’s mysteries, to gain a greater perspective, or to achieve a closer awareness of himself; however in this moment the only thing he and I were aware of was what we wanted to order.

It didn’t take us long to look over the menu and find a few favorites; asking the staff was a good move as well. As our order was sent to the kitchen, the two of us caught up on where we’ve been since the last time we saw each other (almost a year ago) at Osawa in Pasadena. Darin began to tell me about jobs he had and projects he worked on as I drank my White Sangria ($8 per glass, $21 carafe). My mind escaped the events he was detailing with each drop from the glass. The Pinot Grigio, white peach puree, peach Schnapps, and the strawberry peach popsicle were refreshing and transported me to sitting at a beach—like the one across the street from us. I loved how light it was, how clean it tasted, and the way the peach puree and strawberry popsicle gave it the perfect amount of fruitiness.

It was at this instant that our plates arrived.

The first that caught my eye was the Crabcake Benedict ($18). The beautiful plate had jumbo lump crabmeat, two poached eggs (that didn’t want to sit still), and asparagus on top of a thick slice of toasted focaccia which was all drizzled with a Cajun lobster sauce. We immediately pierced the egg and watched the deep yellow yolk cascade across the crabmeat and the bread like a gentle river. Once it came to a slow stop, we tried it. I loved just how much crabmeat was on the dish because it was enough for two people, or one greedy person. The meat with the casually spiced lobster sauce and the bread which became soft at its center was delicious. Eye rolling delicious to be exact. It disappeared just as quickly as my Sangria and again I thought of ordering another until I saw the other two plates on the table.

I didn’t take more than a bite of the 8oz Filet Mignon ($26) as it was Darin’s order. The single bite of the medium rare steak served with season vegetables and mashed potatoes wasn’t enough. An entire plate would be the perfect amount for me, but since I didn’t order one for myself I would have to sit reflecting on the momentary taste. It was incredible. The meat was rich and profound with my favorite part being the impeccably cooked skin. Putting the tender meat with the seasoned potatoes made it taste even better. As I heard Darin’s utensils interacting with the plate, the image faded away. As did his food.

To bring the brunch to a close, Darin and I split the Southern Fried Chicken and Waffles ($18.5). A large golden brown waffle sat under a nicely-sized piece of fried chicken which was then topped with two slices of thick butcher cut bacon and served with a spicy maple syrup and regular maple syrup. I loved how juicy and moist the chicken was and that the waffle was done just right. The two together with the spicy syrup and bacon were perfect. The variation from the thick, sticky, and spicy syrup to the salty bacon, and the seasoned chicken was a great combination. Slice after slice into the waffle and chicken, and pour after pour of syrup, I found myself nearing the end of the plate hoping to find more all to no avail. It was a sad moment, but one that I was happy to have tasted.

Grabbing brunch with Darin at Del Frisco’s Grille was a delightful part of the day. To catch up with conversations with the Santa Monica Pier to the right of us and delicious plates in front of us was a great break to have during the morning. While everything was ideal from start to finish, if I could change anything about it at all I would have ordered two of everything we had. Gluttonous, sure, but I know I would have left the restaurant with zero regrets.

To check out Darin’s creative work and to hit him up for yourself, go here. Now.

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Hours: Monday to Friday – 11:00am to 11:00pm, Saturday – 10:00am to 11:00pm, and Sunday 10:00am to 10:00pm
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Del Frisco's Grille in Santa Monica Has the Perfect Brunch for the Tourist and Local
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  • Food tastes great
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  1. evolvewithmary

    I’ve been to Del Frisco’s Grille and it’s THE BOMB!!! I have 2 friends that have left me to travel the world and both look like they are having n amazing time. Letting go and exploring sounds freeing and dam near impossible for me. I’m very envious of these awesome people. OMG I love me some Crab Cake Benedict lol. Focaccia toast? Cajun lobster sauce? YES PLEASE. The southern fried chicken and waffles looks pretty darn impressive. Love the addition of bacon.

    • Danielle N. Salmon
      Danielle N. Salmon

      Right? To travel and just live off the way life takes you would be incredibly amazing. But I’ve seen your posts and you get around the globe a bit yourself, Mary! There were so many great plates here and some I found myself dreaming of later that night and even long after my visit!


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